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Women's sets of clothes for dancing, pole dance classes, competitions.

In order not to spend a long time looking for a top and bottom in the same set and style, our online store has collected the best models of women's clothing sets. Classic sports tops and high-waisted shorts, print rashguards and skirt shorts, mesh and garter sets, long-sleeve tops and flared pants, strappy tops and exotic shorts, and more are combined here. How convenient is it? The photo shows the correct choice of clothes, which corresponds not only to the aesthetic appearance, but also divided into types of their use. There is a wide range of women's sports clothing sets for every taste and color.
Absolutely all women's clothing sets are designed for dancing and sports - this is their versatility. However, you should highlight those that are best suited for Pole Dance, Yoga, Fitness, Pilates, Stretching or Running. It should be noted that a wide variety of fabrics, namely is used: biflex, lurex, lycra, velvet, tattoo mesh, mesh, stretch mesh, glitter knitwear, animal prints (snake, leopard, python), etc. The textile is sufficiently soft and pleasant to the touch, light, resistant to abrasion, does not conduct static electricity and has the ability to adapt to your body through elasticity. For sewing dance clothes, we use premium fabric from proven manufacturers.
The following options will help you to choose a style:
• Size (you can choose a different top and bottom according to your wishes)
• Color range
• Material
• Purpose
You can buy women's sets of clothes for dancing after receiving funds to the card indicated in the details or in the online basket of the payment system on the website. The store manager will contact you to clarify the details of the order and help you with the selection (taking into account all your wishes and corrections). The sets for dances produced by us will help you to be confident in any dance movement and feel femininity intimatelly.