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Public offer agreement

Purchase and sale


The following text is an agreement between an online store, the site of which is located on the Internet at , hereinafter referred to as “Online Store”, and a user of the online store services, hereinafter referred to as “Buyer”, and determines the terms of purchase and sale of goods by the Buyer through the website of the online store.

1. General provisions

1.1. This Agreement is an official and public offer to enter into a purchase and sale agreement (in accordance with Articles 633, 641 and Chapter 63 of the Civil Code of Ukraine), its terms are the same for all buyers regardless of their status (individual, legal entity, individual entrepreneur).
1.2. By concluding this Agreement, the buyer fully accepts the terms and conditions of ordering, payment for goods, goods delivery, goods return, liability for unscrupulous order and all other terms of the agreement. The contract is considered concluded from the moment of clicking the “Place an order” button.
1.3 This agreement is in the nature of a public offer, and in case of its acceptance by the Buyer acquires the characteristics of a “written agreement” and in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine has the appropriate legal force.

2. Terms and definitions

2.1. A public offer (hereinafter – the “Offer”) is a public offer of the Seller, addressed to an indefinite number of persons, to enter into an agreement with the Seller, to buy and sell goods remotely (hereinafter – the “Agreement|”) on the terms contained in this Offer.
2.2. Online store is the Seller's website at was created for the conclusion of service agreements on the basis of acquaintance of the Customer with the description of services offered by the Contractor via the Internet.
2.3. Goods are the products, range, price, and characteristics of which are listed on the Seller’s website (online store). Information about the goods may be updated, changed and supplemented by the Seller at any time without prior notice to the Buyer.
2.4. Buyer is a capable individual who has reached the age of eighteen, who receives information from the online store, who places orders for search, assembly, and reservation of goods presented on the website of the online store, for non-business purposes, or legal entity / individual entrepreneur.
2.5. The seller is an entrepreneur who places information on the site about the goods he sells. The Seller's name is indicated on the Seller's website.
2.6. Seller online is a system of buying and selling goods on international platforms.
2.7. Fondy is a payment service through which online payments are made, created for large and small businesses.
2.7. Order is a completed and placed request of the Buyer, addressed to the Online Store, to search, assemble and reserve the Goods for further redemption by the Buyer.
2.8. A site is a collection of pages accessed through a web browser and software modules combined with a single management system located on the Internet at
All other terms not separately defined in this Agreement are perceived and interpreted in their literal grammatical meaning based on the provisions of current legislation of Ukraine, business practices, as well as the purpose and subject of this Agreement.

3. Subject

3.1. In the manner and under the conditions specified in this Agreement, the Seller undertakes to transfer to the Buyer the goods ordered and paid for by the Buyer, and the Buyer undertakes to pay for and accept the Goods ordered by him.
3.2. The online store sells and delivers the Goods using the postal courier delivery services listed on the website of the online store on the basis of applications from users left on the Site and confirmed by the online store. The prices for the Goods indicated on the Site include the cost of services of search, assembly and reservation and delivery of the Buyers' goods, unless otherwise stated in the confirmation of the Application.
3.3. The Buyer agrees to the terms of this agreement at the time of placing the Order by clicking on the “Confirm Order” button, which expresses the confirmation of the Buyer to read the text of this agreement and agree to its terms. Further, the Customer's objection to providing its consent in this way releases the Online Store from any liability for non-compliance with the terms of this agreement and reserves the right of the Online Store to cancel the Order unilaterally.

4. Terms of the Site use

4.1. The buyer can view the content of the Site, place an order, as well as use other services.
4.2. The buyer undertakes to provide the relevant to reality, accurate and complete information about himself. The online store is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information left by the Buyer when making the Order.

5. Ordering procedure

5.1. The Buyer places an Order on the Site independently, by adding the selected Goods to the virtual basket and clicking the “Place Order” button.
5.2. The order placed on the Ukrainian version of the online store, namely at the link outside the territory of Ukraine - is canceled.
5.3. The name, quantity, article, price of the Goods selected by the Buyer/User are indicated in the Buyer's basket on the website of the Online Store.
5.4. By concluding the Agreement, that is accepting the terms of this offer (proposed terms of purchase of the Goods), by placing an Order, the Buyer/User confirms the following:
a) The buyer is fully and completely acquainted with and agrees to the terms of this proposal (offer);
b) They give permission for the collection, processing and transfer of personal data, permission for the processing of personal data is valid throughout the term of the Agreement, as well as for an unlimited period after its expiration. In addition, by concluding the contract, the Buyer confirms that he is informed (without additional notice) about the rights established by the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection”, the purposes of data collection, and that his personal data is transferred to the Seller of this Agreement, the possibility of mutual settlements, as well as to obtain invoices, acts and other documents. The Buyer also agrees that the Seller has the right to provide access and transfer his personal data to third parties without any additional notice to the Buyer in order to fulfill the Buyer's order. The scope of the Buyer's rights as a subject of personal data in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection” is known and understood.

6. Payment procedure

6.1. The Buyer purchases the Goods specified in the order placed on the Site, and also pays for the services of the Online Store on the terms agreed by the parties in the Buyer's order confirmed by the Online Store:
- 100% prepayment through Seller (, through which PayPal and Fondy payments are made (, through which Mastercard, Visa, Apply-GooglePay, etc. payments are made.
6.2. The total cost of the Order, which includes the full cost of the Goods and services of the Online Store, is equal to the amount to be paid and is indicated on the Site at the time of registration and at the time of placing the Order.
6.3 Payments between the Seller and the Buyer for the Goods are made in the ways specified on the website of the Online Store in the section “Payment and Delivery”.

7. Returns, exchanges and settlements

7.1. Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №172 as of 19.03.1994 “On the implementation of certain provisions of the Law of Ukraine “On Consumer Protection”” approved the List of proper quality goods that are not subject to exchange/return: underwear; and other products that are not related to the range of the online store.
7.2. Return and exchange of other goods that are not included in the list above, is carried out in the manner prescribed by current legislation of Ukraine, the mechanism of return and exchange of goods provided in a separate section of the online store “Payment and Delivery”
7.3. The cost of delivery by postal and courier services is non-refundable. The Buyer is responsible for postage for the goods exchange or return.
7.4. The cost of delivery is not refundable if the Buyer cancels the order during delivery. The cost of the goods in this case is reimbursed after the return of the Goods to the Seller.
7.5. Customs, import and any other fees applicable to international shipments are paid by the Buyer in the country to which delivery was ordered.
7.6. The Seller is not responsible for damage to the Goods during delivery.
7.7. If the Buyer does not receive the Goods, the Seller may reimburse the amount only after the Seller receives the results of the online search for the Goods, which is provided by postal or courier delivery services.
7.8. Based on the results of the online search for the Goods by postal or courier delivery service, the refund may be partial or in full, depending on the company that delivered the Goods. The amount of compensation is decided at the Seller’s discretion after assessing all the facts and providing the results of the online search for the Goods by postal or courier service.

8. Confidentiality and personal data protection

8.2. By providing his personal data on the Site when placing an Order, the Buyer gives his voluntary consent to the processing and use (including transfer) of his personal data without limiting the validity of such consent in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection” as of 01.06.2010
8.3. The online store uses the received personal data to provide services related to the purchase and sale of goods in this online store.
8.4. The online store undertakes not to disclose information received from the Buyer. It is not considered a violation of the online store to provide information to agents and third parties acting under an agreement with the online store, including to fulfill obligations to the Buyer, as well as in cases where disclosure of such information is required by law.
8.5. If the Buyer does not want the Online Store to continue processing personal data, the Buyer must apply by e-mail to the online store In this case, the Buyer will not be able to continue to use the services of the online store.
8.6. The buyer is responsible for keeping his personal data up to date. The online store is not responsible for poor performance of its obligations in connection with the irrelevance of information about the Buyer or inconsistency with its validity.

9. Rules for the use of materials posted on the Site

9.1. There are materials, trademarks, trade names and other legally protected materials, including, but not limited to, texts, photographs, graphics, music and sound works on the site.
9.2. All content of the Site is protected by the legislation of Ukraine.
9.3. The Buyer has no right to use the materials posted on the Site, such as: make changes, publish, transfer to third parties, participate in the sale or assignment, create secondary documents, etc.

10. Other conditions

10.1. This agreement is concluded on the territory of Ukraine and operates in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
10.2. The invalidity of any clause or part of this agreement does not lead to the invalidity of the agreement as a whole.
10.3. All disputes arising between the Buyer and the Seller are resolved through negotiations. In case of failure to resolve the dispute through negotiations, the Buyer and/or the Seller have the right to apply to the courts in accordance with applicable law of Ukraine.
10.4. The Seller has the right to make changes to the text of this agreement at its discretion at any time and without prior notice to Buyers. The actual (current) version of the agreement is always available on the Site.

11. Details

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