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Women's sports overalls and dresses for fitness, gymnastics, sports exercises.

Our online store presents a number of sports women's models of overalls and dresses for fitness and dance for every taste and style. The diversity of our tailoring and patterns will give girls and women a fully comfortable fitting and comfort with your body, which is not restrictive and comfortable when moving. Women's overalls are suitable for dancing, aerobics, fitness, gymnastics, cardio, strength exercises or for morning exercise. Modifications of women's dresses and overalls are various: fully closed, with an open back, a deep cutout on the legs, with a dress effect, a tie on the side seams, a removable foam cup, nickel accessories, straps with regulators, fixation under the heel.
Premium class fabric is used for tailoring. Elastic Biflex, Lycra, stretch mesh, knitwear, animal prints (snake, leopard, python) are very popular. The following options will help you to choose a particular image:
• Size
• Color range
• Material
• Purpose
You can buy women's overalls or a dress for fitness after receiving funds to the card specified in the details or in the online basket of the payment system on the website. The store manager will contact you to clarify the details of the order and help with the selection. Our overalls will appeal to women. In other words, it is not only beautiful clothing, but also universal in anatomical details: it tightly supports the bust, fits snugly, and hides body flaws.