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Fabric accessories for shoes. Protections for women's dance shoes, fabric protections for straps.

In our online store there is a diverse collection of fabric shoe protectors for Pole Dance and other modern dances, protectors for strips, women's dance shoes. The classic cut of our models is suitable for any type of Pleaser dance shoes and more. Fabric shoe protectors are great for those who want to keep their shoes in better condition and protect them from mechanical impact and scratches during training. The advantage of fabric protectors over silicone or acrylic ones is ease during training and the possibility to choose a women's set of clothes for dancing or another set of this style and fabric in the same style. Fabric protectors for Pole Dance shoes are easy and simple to put on without extra effort.
Premium class fabric is used for tailoring with the standards of European manufacturers. Knitwear of various prints (snake, leopard, python, zebra), velvet, corduroy, matte Biflex, Lycra, etc. are very popular.
The textile is soft and comfortable to the touch. The following criteria will help you to choose a particular image:
• color palette
• Material
You can buy protection for women's shoes, strips after receiving funds to the card specified in the details or in the online basket of the payment system on the website. The store manager will contact you to clarify the details of the order. You will not only pick up bright and unique protections, but you will also be able to complement everything in one style with a suitable set of clothes for dancing.